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Politicians: Judge Them By Their Fruits

October 25, 2009

The 1960’s was a tumultuous decade. The change in America from a sleepy survivor of WWII to the international engine of democracy altered the way Americans think, live and progress from that day to this one. Many of our current crop of senior legislators are the direct product of this decade. So perhaps rather than quoting scripture, I will quote song lyrics.

From the Mamas and the Papas:
“Words of love
So soft and tender
Won’t win a girl’s heart anymore
If you love her
Then you must send her
Somewhere she’s never been before
Worn out phrases and
Warming glazes
Won’t get you where you want to go
Words of love won’t win her…anymore….”

I bring this up because scripture tells us that we should not judge a tree by how it looks, but by the fruit it bears. In this regard, the current crop of legislators and the president are slickly packaged for public consumption. But the contents are divisive, sickening and contrary to what many people expected. This is not something that can be readily discussed in social circles because of the perceptions thrown out by the uber-liberals in the media, but there are many people who voted for Obama based on optimism and hope who are greatly disappointed at the results of this administration so far.

They voted based on a noble idea that we really could be “post racial” and “bipartisan” in our government. I know folks who simply decided it was time, and that maybe Barak Obama was the guy that would knit together this raveled society. What they failed to do is look at reality. In part, that was due to the veil of nobility that was placed on Obama from his first primary. They wanted it so much, and not necessarily because of his race, his party or their hatred for Bush, but because it was a good story and would sell papers and advertising.

Fast forward to today and the very folks that brought Obama to the dance are now at odds with him. They see him and his staff taking aim at one news group for daring to criticize him in their editorial segments. But similar pro-Obama diatribes by the likes of Olbermann, Garafalo, Klein, Maddow and other media players are lauded as noble offerings of a grateful nation. Nobody is that perfect. And Americans, although optimistic by nature, are cynical when it comes to paragons. The lower audience ratings for news shows in comparison to Fox sets a wildfire of fear in the Obama staff that other networks will start taking verbal shots at the administration as well. So they resorted to a hamhanded attempt at intimidation, isolation and censorship right out of Ailes book. Since the mainstream media is not the only news source these days, the story leaked, resulting in making the White House appear petty, thin-skinned and vindictive. Welcome to Nixon version II.

More than the recent dust up with Fox is the general uneasiness within the American psyche that is leading to lingering unemployment, timid growth and reluctant purchasing by citizens. If we really were at ease with the way this administration and Congress were handling things, don’t you think more people would open their wallets and move money into the economy? But we don’t feel safe. Many of us honestly believe that our paychecks will be gouged by this administration to pay for programs that we don’t want, don’t support and will not be able to access. This government has not been so divided since Nixon. And when a Congress cannot readily insure delivering a bill when they have such a clear majority then I think we can surmise that even some Democrats are approaching this president’s agenda with trepidation.

If we cannot trust Congress to do what they were sent to do and we cannot trust the president to honor his promises and his office, then what can citizens do? First, stop treating elections like a reality show. Look at what people have done, what they stand for and who they support. Then, VOTE. Too many people who were concerned about the direction this nation is taking failed to exercise their right to vote. In the meantime, this Congress along with local and state authorities are creating a situation where those here illegally can vote here, and often. How many stories about fraudulent elections will we hear the next time around? How many stories from the last election were hushed up by a fawning media? Don’t trust their words, watch what they do. And make them do what they promised.


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October 25, 2009

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